Hiking Day 1A RG

On Tuesday September 18th we (the class 1A RG) went on an excursion in Ulten. First we took the bus to the village St Nikolaus and later, after a hard walk of about two hours we arrived at the „Kaserfeld Alm“. There the pupils and two teacher K. Holzner and P. Waldner, who accompanied us, could eat and drink something and we all had a rest. The weather was changable: at the beginning it was sunny, but when we returned it began to rain. Before we left we took some class photos and the way back took about an hour. We were a bit unlucky because the first bus was full, so just a few students could take that bus with Prof. Waldner. The rest of us had to waited one hour for the next bus in a bar. When we arrived home we were very tired, but it was a nice first trip with our new class! (Altana Reka)