Passer Fritz 2DF NW 2021

On September 24th 2020 we went on a hiking tour to a nice park and recreation area, which had a nice small lake surrounded by nature, perfect to have a barbecue and chill out with the class.

We arrived at school at 9 o'clock and when we were all there, we started our walk. We decided to take the Tappeinerweg, a nice stroll along the foot of our local mountain with great views of Meran.

This walk took about 45 minutes and when we finally arrived we found a nice and comfortable  place to sit. The main plan was to arrive and have a barbecue, but the weather was not favorable and we couldn't do that, but had to bring some snacks to eat during the day.

We had a great time and we socialized a bit more, also by playing cards. It was a good experience and I hope to repeat it some time.

Enrique Marchetti